Tried Diet Software, Calorie King Nutrional and Exercise Software

I tried this out last week,Calorie King Software. They have a free download so you can try for 7 days. Was that hard to set up- You can input how many calories a day you are aiming for – and one nice feature- how many grams of protein, fiber, fat , etc . The daily counter lets you drag and drop ZILLIONS of food items.. everything you could possible think of- including fast food and other restaurants. You can also create you own list of commonly eaten food so you don;t have to wade through all the items. I think once you set up completely would be easy to use.

I do prefer just using pen and paper with simple spreadsheet- If people ask I can post on the site. I use labels and info a good food counter book that I bought 10 years ago. I don’t eat in restaurants much so suits me fine. I am sure a medium apple has same amount of calories now as it did in 1997!

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  1. I have tried so many diet programs just to review them and believe they are all the same and offer the same things. I prefer just to write everything down as it seems like that is the best way to stay motivated and keep on track.

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