My – Online Support for those Taking Meridia

I go this insert in my Meridia prescription box. It is promoting the support website for those taking Meridia, .
You need the DIN number of the drug to login and register. The site offers diet info, If you have lost it ,
the Meridia DIN is 02243163. The site is set up for those who have been prescribed Meridia and is looks like it is useful dieting tool.
Would be curious to here what others think… though I am not sure I want a drug company monitoring my behavior, etc.

There is a meal planner which helps you plan meals based on the caloric intake you suggest, and TO ME its is a bit cumbersome. I have been using a good ole pen and paper reading labels and books I do have have software that should make it easy- from Calorie King and they do have a free download to try for 7 days. Again, Maybe I am old fashion but writing it down seems easier and you get more familiar with prices. The software is easy to use- you can customize stuff… think I will write separate post about it.

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4 thoughts on “My – Online Support for those Taking Meridia”

  1. I have been taking meridia for nearly 4 weeks now, and although the drug helps me to eat less (less hunger means I make better food choices) I am not losing any weight. I went from eating a lot…maybe as much as 3000 or more calories a day to less than 2000, I routinely aim for 1800 /day. I have eliminated breads (sandwiches) completely, and sugar (except fruits) I am not hungry, feel no untoward side effects, and my BP and pulse rate have stayed constant. I am feeling frustrated that I just filled my second prescription ($135 as my drug plan does not cover it) and despite my dietary restrictions, and changes in food choices I haven’t lost a single pound. Has anyone else had this experience? Any advice? I want / need to lose weight about 80 lbs to be honest. I was hoping meridia would help get me started. I have always struggled with my weight, but could lose it quickly whenever I wanted. Now that I am 40 it seems I am stuck at my present weight and cannot lose anything. HELP!!

  2. I am taking 10mg Meridia almost 1 month. I dont have any side effect whatsoever, however, the weight loss is really slow. up till now i lost 6 lbs and eating much less the right food. should i maybe take meridia 15mg which is stronger?

    thank you for your advice


    myriam S.

  3. Had very good results with this drug and lost 50 pounds, however apparantly it was taken off the market and I can;t get it . Could anyone assist me in finding out how to get this again, I was taking 15mg. capsule, exercise is really helpful as well. Hope to hear back thank you

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