My Meridia Weight loss Update: Wow- 12 lbs in 4 weeks!

Yes, i am quite pleased by my progress- i am feeling real hope here. I am still not convinced that something was wrong with scale at doctors.

I have been following the 1500-1800 calorie a day diet requested by Canadian Bariatric Clinic ( Dr. Sean Wharton) . Also increased fiber and proteins. It has been very easy. Not sure because the diet is curbing cravings or because of drug but it has been very easy.
Almost like when i quite smoking 17 years ago using the patch- was shocked at how easy it was.

I hope I am not getting false sense of security. I am still apprehensive. I put on my “control” jeans. I call them “control” because I am going to put these on every week or so to see how they fit and take picture in them every month. I am putting photos in My Weight loss Gallery.

So I have been doing very well- eating lots of yogurt, fresh fruit ( mostly apples) and the occasional meal replacement shake. They can be a bit chalky but adding a handful of strawberries makes a HUGE difference. I have been buying whatever is on sale or cheapest so maybe that would make a difference.

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