Changing My Mind About The Canadian Bariatric Clinic/ Dr. Sean Wharton

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I attended a lecture offered by the Canadian Bariatric Clinic last night. It was done in two parts, 1st hour was bariatric specialist Dr. Sean Wharton and the next hour was the staff nutritionist.
I can see why Dr. Wharton strongly encourages his patients attend. It is an in depth and science based presentation that would be impossible to to get across to all his patients- and it is information you need.
In my last post about my first visit to the clinic I mention how sceptical I was, disappointed even. I am starting to feel a glimmer of hope.
I couldn’t possibly repeat all that was discussed. Of the key points of the talk was that you needed to eat to lose weight. Not just eat- but eat often- to keep your metabolism at a steady pace and not have it go into “starvation mode” . One of the most important things to do was to eat in the morning- that to go 12 hours with no food at a stretch was too long and your metabolic rate would drop and then “hang on” to any food that subsequently came in,,
Many people grumbled that felt nauseous in the morning and the was no way they could eat in the morning and he said tough… to try a handful of grapes and gradually increase the amount.
He also talked a lot about genetics and our environment. That environment was a large part of why we are an obese culture. I got the feeling that Dr. Wharton was a bit of a fanatic on this point- he was very passionate about the effect fast food is having and at some point hinted that it should be illegal.
The lecture was WELL worth my time and really did allay many fears and concerns that I had. The lecture was very informative and I am very happy I took the time to give it a chance and go.

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