2 Weeks on Meridia Update- Weightloss Update and some news!

Saw my doctor today for two weeks check up- they need to monitor blood pressure for first little while taking Meridia.
My blood pressure is fine it is about the same 130/77 . My heart rate is a little high though- was 81 which is higher than it normally is…
I also got weighed- i started 2 weeks ago at 142.5 kg ( 315 lbs) and this morning it was 140.5 kg (310.5) so close to 5 lbs !
I am quite pleased- as I don’t feel like I have honestly been eating that much differently- though we are following a low glycemic diet- eating whole grains and reducing or cutting out simple processed carbohydrates.
I do feel with Meridia that I am craving less and do not feel hungry. I still feel pretty racy and sleep is an issue.

Other news- I am seeing the obesity specialist soon. Dr Sean Wharton at the Canadian Bariatric clinic. I am quite nervous. I don’t know why- but I am… I have mixed reviews on him- my doctor says he is great but on some of the obesity forums people have have not been that positive- saying he REALLY pushes expensive liquid weight loss product, Opti-fast, which I have no desire to take. It is also $3500.00 for the program ( I believe it is 6 month program). I will give full report next week.

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