Yes- Its been One year! Update

It really has been a year. I have neglected this blog- mainly because I have neglected myself as well. I just couldn’t face this blog because every time I came on it I was reminded of my failures.

I have re-newed hope this week. I started taking weight-loss drug, Meridia and beginning a low glycemic diet. After waiting 4 years ( yes 4!!!) to see obesity specialist I received letter in the mail to tell me the specialist has moved his practise.. then gave e the name of another, Dr.Sean Wharton. I saw dr. today and they faxed over referral and I HOPE to him in October. I know he really pushes Opti-fast ( a low carb liquid protein) diet that cost- get ready for this – 3500.00 for the program!!! Yikes.
He is also refers some of his patience to surgeons in New York… Gastric Bypass surgery seems so scary to me. I have been really looking into it this week- and I am not sure I am there yet. I am currently 313 lbs and a BMI of about 46.00. I am desperate- desperate not to get sick or die too early- but the thought of being so out of control that I need to remove part of a major organ is so frightening to me, I would like to try other avenues first. So will give this drug, the Meridia a try. I started taking today and bought a Glycemic Index diet book at Chapters today.
So many times when I start something new – it has lately seemed like the start of another failure. For this first time I have some hope. My doctor today told me that it is quite likely that my metabolism in screwed up for the 30+ years of dieting and this may help. I will post often about this. One of the main side effects to watch out for is higher blood pressure- so I go back every two weeks to check for first bit. My heart rate went up quite a bit today at pharmacist’s when I went to pay- 150.00 for one month! My health plan may cover- have to get prior authorization form filled out.

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