Week #13- Weightloss Update

I took the eplunge and weighed myself. I actually lost another 2 lbs- which is a miracle based on the month we have had. Nothing but stress. Stress for me usually means coconut cream pies and more. So I am a svelte 308 now. Hardly worht changing the picture in my header :-)

I have been going through this weird phases where I push my own addictions on the family. I some how convince myself that my family needs and wants dessert every day- when in fact it is usually me that ends up eating half- or more of it. I am now in the habit of making graham cracker crust pies. We have made 2 coconut cream, a key lime and one butterscotch banana pie in the last 2 weeks. I foget that I CANNOT bring this stuff in to the house. I don;t know how I delude myself. I am like the smoker who thinks he will never get lung cancer.

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