Eat Less and Consume Less Calories By Eating at Home.

It’s a fact- when women dine in a restaurant theat eat 288 calories MORE than if they ate a meal at home. According to this artcle by USA today- one of the best ways to stop yourself from over indulging is to avoid resautrant size portions.
Read the article here: Eat Less – Avoid Restaurants

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2 thoughts on “Eat Less and Consume Less Calories By Eating at Home.”

  1. Other ideas: is use a nutrition guide and if the place will let you get a children’s meal or ask them to put half the dinner in a doggy bah a head of time.

  2. Oh, don’t I know it! When that little basket shows up with the bread, I scarf it, even though I rarely buy bread and eat it at home. Also, the restaurants now love providing a cruet of delectably flavored olive oil. So I drench the bread in that, too. Eating out is dangerous. But I love it.

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