Heat wave really affecting my diet

I have nit been to gym in a week- the heat has just been unreal- Almost 42 degrees. I have actually wanted to go to gym but we had company all weekend, then not working from home this week, then heat, etc. Lots of excuses I know. I just want to sit in cool air conditioned house. I have been drinking tons of water- more than usual- and paying special attention to having breakfast in the morning.

One of my problems in the summer is ice cream. We have a habit of going out for ice cream all the time and some how it is “okay” .
I am doing well with saying no to cookies, cakes and sweets. I don’t think my eating has gone so well this week.
Had berry smoothie for breakfast, orange and some salad for lunch. Tortilla chips and salsa for snack, Pad Thai for dinner ( lots of oil in that… almost 500 calories) but I was STARVING and ate next to nothing all day. Also had small bowl of ice cream. Over all- did okay today but sure wish I could get to the gym.

Will do weigh in on Friday or Saturday- if meet my goal I will get a new picture up.

exercise bike

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One thought on “Heat wave really affecting my diet”

  1. It’s really hot here too and it’s affecting my workout too. I have not been wanting to do it.
    If you have AC get a DVD or something

    If you want ice cream maybe go for soft serve frozen yogurt.
    Or if you like coldstone get the nutrition guide
    The small sinless sweet cream is most likely your best bet. It has splenda in it.

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