This Weeks Weight Loss Goals

I will lost 3 pounds of fat.
I will drink tons of water.
I will not beat myself up for having a bad week.
I will remember to eat breakfast and not get trapped into being starving in the afternoon and eating whatever I want.
I will go to gym tomorrow and Monday- no matter what.

I will set myself up for success.

I will remember that I am doing this because I love my children and my husband and if I don’t get control of my overeating I will die and leave them without a mother.

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4 thoughts on “This Weeks Weight Loss Goals”

  1. You’re doing great. Good idea about not beating one self up.

    Have a great time of the gym. You might want to get a few exercise DVDs as backups.

    I was a faster loser but we can’t always predict how much weight we will lose one week it was 5 pounds and one week and it was .6 another though I stayed on program for both weeks/

  2. Thanks for the encouragement- Last week i felt so great -line I could conquer the world. This week feeling a bit like the start of another failure. I am hoping by keeping a this blog I will be more accountable and be able to see patterns emerging.

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