Week 3- Feeling Great


Stats: 318 lbs
Height 5′ 7″

I joined a gym this week. I of course feel awkward going there- the gym is mostly University students working on their buff bodies and I am by far the largest person I have seen there. The staff are friendly and nice. I certainly dont feel overly uncomfortable there. I start off with 10 minutes on elliptical trainer and then about an hour with weight machines and situps. I will post my routine another time.

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3 thoughts on “Week 3- Feeling Great”

  1. Linda, stick to this and change your life. Each day you have a chjoice to succeed or fail….each food choice you make is a CHOICE. Each time you workout it is a CHOICE. Keep making good choices one day at a time and you will make this work. You own this success if you want it…..

    I stumbled across your blog in google btw ;)
    You so CAN DO THIS!!!! GO MAMA GO!!!

  2. I think you are an inspiration. I have had 2 visits with wharton and I feel a little lost…your blog inspires me!!! Thanks.

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